Complete Office Cleaning

photo-officeCleaning the ACCURATE way begins by evaluating every new account thereby determining their cleaning requirements and then applying high quality solutions. Before we start, our cleaners are thoroughly trained on how to perform each cleaning task, as well as on important safety issues. During the start, we provide a seamless, no hassle start-up which is important to every client. We combine upfront preparation and training with a strong field manager that oversees every cleaning crew. After the start, a systematic approach to keep the facility looking great and clean at the same time by offer additional maintenance services.

  • Remove finger prints from glass doors, light switches and doors
  • Waste baskets are emptied, wiped down and liners replaced
  • Dust cabinets – sides / tops / front
  • Clean windowsills and baseboards
  • Clean desks and dust chair bases
  • Sweep and mop tile, vinyl and wood floors including edges and corners
  • Detail vacuum carpets and floor mats
  • Bathroom fixtures are cleaned and disinfected
  • Kitchen appliances exteriors and counters are wiped down
  • Monthly cleaning of ceilings vents and diffusers
  • Monthly high-to-low detail dusting