Commercial Cleaning Service


“We Don’t CUT Corners – We CLEAN Them”

This has been our mantra from the beginning. To this day, we constantly hear the same complaints from facility managers, building owners, doctors, and office managers that are looking to make a change from their current janitorial cleaning service. Simply put, their cleaning service does not look up or look down. These managers constantly tell us “they don’t clean the corners or look at the cobwebs” or “when I wipe my fingers across a door frame or a window sill, my finger comes up dusty”. We hear it and we see it when we inspect the property to bid on a particular job. Very often a change will be made for these reasons. We didn’t want to be that company that they complained about! We are committed to going above and beyond your expectations to be the only cleaning company you’ll ever need!

Accurate Proclean is a fully insured and independently owned company specializing in cleaning commercial and industrial properties. Our hardworking conscientious staff uses the latest up-to-the-minute equipment to give you the best service possible. We will accommodate you with flexible hours and can provide you with full janitorial service, carpet and upholstery cleaning.